Joan S. Brugge, Ph.D.

Director of the Ludwig Center, Louise Foote Pfeiffer Professor of Cell Biology

Joan Brugge 

Dr. Brugge is currently Director of the Harvard Ludwig Cancer Center and Professor of Cell Biology at Harvard Medical School. She received her B.S. degree from Northwestern University, Ph.D. degree from the Baylor College of Medicine, and postdoctoral training at the University of Colorado with Dr. Raymond Erikson. Prior to joining Harvard (Professor 1997-present, Department Chair 2004-2014), Dr. Brugge has held professorship at the State University of New York, Stony Brook (1979- 1988), and was an HHMI investigator/professor at the University of Pennsylvania (1989-1992). Dr. Brugge was also Scientific Director of the biotechnology company ARIAD (1992-1997).

Dr. Brugge has received the NIH Merit Award, American Cancer Society Research Professorship, ASCB Senior Career Recognition Award, as well as elected memberships in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, National Academy of Sciences, and the Institute of Medicine.



Lab News and Events

June 2022: Lab outing to a Sox Game in Fenway Park!


May 2022: Our lab's breast single-cell atlas is now out in Developmental Cell. Congratulations to the lead authors, Kenneth Gray, Carman Li, Jennifer Rosenbluth, and Laura Selfors, as well as our collaborators! 


February 2022: Congratulation to Yaara Oren for starting her own lab in the School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University! 

October 2021: Congratulations to Johan Kuiken and Sabin Dhakal for publishing their study on tumor clonal dynamics in Oncogene


September 2021: Congratulations to Jason Zoeller for joining AstraZeneca as an Associate Principal Scientist! We will miss you, Jason. 

August 2021: Yaara Oren published her study on cancer cell drug resistance in Nature. Check out the paper here

June 2021: The lab bid farewell to Jennifer Rosenbluth, who is starting her own lab at UCSF! Contact Jennifer to join her team.  

Congratulations to Hana Shapiro and Christina Tsiobikas on starting their MD training at Drexel University College of Medicine and Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University, respectively! 


May 2021: Congratulations to Jason Zoeller for his new publication!

May 2021: Congratulations to Kenneth Gray for his successful thesis defense!

January 2021: Carman Li's scRNA-seq analysis on aging mammary glands is published in Cell Reports. Check out the paper here!

December 2020: Jason Zoeller's work is publisehd in Breast Cancer Resesarch, evaluating the efficacy of combined therapy agents, Navitoclax and EGFR-ADC, in pre-clinical models of triple-negative breast cancer. Congrats Jason!

November 2020: Suha Naffar-Abu Amara's paper on tumor clonal interaction came out in Nature Communications. Congratulations Suha!  

October 2020: Nobu Takahashi and Patricia Cho published their paper in Molecular Cell. Congrats!

July 2020: Congratulations to Yannis Zervantonakis for his publication in PNAS! 

We bid farewell to Chandler Friend, who is starting her Ph.D. training at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Good luck Chandler! 

Jan 2020: Congratulations to Sabin Dhakal for his new job at Flagship Pioneering!

Sabin Dhakai

Nov 2019: A big turnout of current and former lab members at the Brugge lab reunion.

Group photo

Sep 2019: Congrats to Jennifer Rosenbluth for receiving the Susan G. Komen Career Catalyst Award! 

The Brugge Lab has a BioRxiv preprint reporting scRNA-seq analysis of aging-associated alterations in the mammary gland! The study is led by Carman Li. 

Aug 2019: We bid farewell to Yannis and Isaac, who are starting their labs in University of Pittsburgh and University of Rochester, respectively. 


Congratulations to Patricia Cho for successfully defending her thesis and for joining SQZ Biotech after graduation!


We said goodbye to Alexis Cook, Jett Crowdis, and Madhav Upadhyay after they have concluded their internships in the lab. Good luck to you all!

June 2019: Congratulations to Joan for receiving this year's ASCO Science of Oncology Award! 

Check out Jason Zoeller's new paper in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics on treating HER2+ breast cancer using antibody-drug conjugate.  


April 2019: Current and former Brugge lab members met at the AACR Annual meeting. Congrats to Patricia Cho and Kenneth Gray for their Scholar-In-Training awards!

March 2019: The Brugge Lab bid farewell to Natalie Hendrick and Nobu Takahashi. Natalie will be working as Science Advisor in the Intellectual Property group at Goodwin Procter LLP. Nobu is starting his own research group as Associate Professor at Kyoto University. Good luck to you both!


Two of our talented undergrad students, Alexis Cook and Hana Shapiro, did a great job presenting their research at Northeastern University's annual RISE (Research, Innovation, and Scholarship Expo) symposium.


February 2019: Congratulations to Natalie Hendrick for a successful thesis defense!

Also big thumbs up to Isaac Harris for his new paper in Cell Metabolism on glutathione depletion in cancer. 

January 2019: The Brugge Lab celebrated the new year with a lab lunch.


Also congratulations to Claudia Iavarone on her paper published in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, studying combination treatment of high-grade serous ovarian cancer! 

Claudia Iavarone

October 2018: Two thumbs up to Suha Abu Amara and Yaara Oren for giving their outstanding talks on tumor heterogeneity and drug resistance, respectively, in the EACR-AACR-ISCR Conference! 


The Brugge Lab is also proud to have won both the Best Halloween Costume Award and Best Carved Pumpkin Award in this year's Cell Biology Departmental Retreat. Big thanks to captain Natalie Hendrick for leading the team!

September 2018: Congratulations to Yannis Zervantonakis for soon starting his own lab in University of Pittsburg! Check out his lab website and contact him for lab positions.

Also congratulations to Nobuaki Takahashi for accepting the position of Associate Professor in Kyoto University! Email Nobu if you are interested in applying to his lab. 

August 2018: Hana Shapiro and Michelle Koh did an excellent job presenting their summer research projects at Harvard's CRISP and PRISE undergraduate symposiums, respectively. Congrats!


July 2018: The lab said good-bye to Claudia Iavarone and Jennifer Endress. Jenn is starting her Ph.D. program at Weill Cornell Medical College! Claudia is starting a new position in the Technology Transfer and Innovation office at the European Institue of Oncology (IEO) in Milan, Italy!


June 2018: The lab bid a bitter-sweet farewell to Jon Coloff before he moves to University of Illinois at Chicago to start his own lab. Good luck Jon! Check out Jon's lab website if you are interested in joining. 


Johan gave a great short-talk presentation at the Mammary Gland Biology Gordon Research Seminar on intratumoral heterogeneity. 

May 2018: Congratulations to Nobuaki Takahashi on his paper in Cancer Cell. Here is Harvard's press release

The Brugge lab also celebrated Sabin's thesis defense. Congratulations Sabin! 

And thumbs up to Kenneth for being awarded the F31 Predoctoral Fellowship from the NCI. 

April 2018: Fun reunion of current and former Brugge lab members at the 2018 AACR Annual Meeting. Big thanks to Natalie and Rosa for organizing the gathering! Our Jennifer Rosenbluth gave a great presentation on mammary organoids.   


March 2018: Big congrats to Yaara for receiving the Rivkin Scientific Scholar Award

February 2018: Congratulations to Jon for starting his own metabolism lab soon in the University of Illinois at Chicago! Contact him if you are interested in joining his team. 

December 2017: Lab holiday celebration and farewell for Marcin. 

October 2017: Congratulations to Claudia Iavarone and Carman Li for being selected for short-talk presentations at the AACR meetings on ovarian cancer and mouse models of cancer, respectively.


September 2017: Congratulations to Marcin Iwanicki for starting his lab in Stevens Institute of Technology! He is recruiting lab members. Contact Marcin for information.

August 2017: Congratulations to Jonathan Coloff for his K22 Award and to Yannis Zervantonakis for his K99!  


July 2017: Our Dan Stover has opened his lab at Ohio State University. Congrats Dan!